The Road to Everest Challenge Stage Race 2012

Training, Eating and Grumbling my way to race fitness

Ok – I’m doing this.  I need one epic ride / race each year to train for outside of my ‘work’ miles….so this is it:
Everest Challenge Stage Race, 2 days, 208 miles, 29,035 feet of climbing.


I’ll be blogging my way to Everest Challenge over the next few months and trying to pass on some helpful tips for others at the same time. Look out for blogs under the following headings:

1.  Weight Weight Don’t Tell Me
Ok – so I gained a few lb while in Belgium (err beer, waffles and other tasty treats!).  This is how I’m losing the lbs, recipes I’m trialing and what’s cooking today
How much to the lbs really matter?
Alcohol effects on cycling performance

2. The Road is Long
Training rides I’m doing, training focus and tips on training for endurance rides
The Road is Long: Horseshoe Meadows
Mammoth Lakes Training Camp
The Road is Long: Hor-moans… a grumpy ride

3. Tints and Hips
Other hints I’m picking up along the way and tips I’m passing on

4. Equipped for the job
What equipment and stuff I’m using

Come back to this post and for updates and links to new blog posts.




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2 Responses to The Road to Everest Challenge Stage Race 2012

  1. Vitaly says:

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. You’ll definitely see me out there in September. Third year in a row for me!

  2. Tanya says:

    Holy Epic-Madness Jo! You take your bad-a** ness to a whole new level every time i talk to you. [never mind that we're not even talkin right now]
    guess that Boulder creek ride today was kid-stuff for you…
    my goal?
    Be. Like. Jo.

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