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Coverage of our women’s camp in Solana Beach in January.

Base building is obviously the time to ramp up your skills for the upcoming season. But how hard should your intensity be? What’s the most effective way to improve your fitness, without bonking in the process. In this video, Robert Panzera shares a surprising tip about base-building intensity that can help you train longer and ultimately push you to reach your racing goals. Video: Base Building

Many cyclists overlook the importance of cornering correctly. But not only can boosting your ability to corner the right way make your faster cyclist, it can also keep you safe and on the bike when riding through busy and urban areas.
In this video, Robert Panzera of Cycling Camp San Diego offers a simple partner exercise cyclists can use to improve their cornering technique and make them a more effective athlete on the bike. Video: Cornering Tips

Group rides can be a great way to boost your cycling skills. But it can also be a challenging, if slightly dangerous, activity—especially in urban locations. In this video, Robert Panzera offers his tips for ensuring all your group rides are safe, and how best to keep an effective and productive pace. Video: Group Ride Tips for Cyclists

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6 Tips to Find Your Cycling Motivation founder and chief editor, Richard Pestes himself, attended a CCSD base training camp in 2011. Here’s a writeup of his experience: Pez Does Camp CCSD-Style

Short article on the benefits of traveling for some base building miles. Nice mention of CCSD and sound bites from Robert Panzera: Grab Your Bike and Head South for Winter

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Writeup of one man’s experience riding the Dirty Devil 144-mile option in 2011. Blog

George “Red Eyed Vireo” Vargus joins CCSD for our endurance training camp in preparation for his 7th solo attempt at Furnace Creek 508.  See his blog HERE

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