CCSD’s Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again!  The Holidays are just around the corner and it’s time to start dropping some serious hints to loved ones or begin to think about what this year’s cool gifts for cyclists are.  Here at CCSD we’re one step ahead and we’ve put together our top picks for cycling related gifts with a special section for the ladies too.

Gifts under $25

$25: Cycle-opoloy
When it’s just too cold to think about riding outside, reach for this for some good old fashioned board game hilarity.


$15 – $24:  First to the Line Cycling Card Game
Thanks to Seth Haskell for bringing this to camp this year.  Great game!


$25:  Cycling ‘Sportula’
The laser cut design + a bottle opener on the end makes this a winner for us!


$8: Crystal Bike Key Ring
A great little gift for under $10.


$24: Bike Chain Tealight holders

A great conversation piece at dinner…because we don’t talk bike stuff nearly enough!

$25: Neon Glow lights
If the first question you ask is “how much do these weigh”, they’re not for you!

$2.25: Gift Wrap
Wrap it all up in this cycle themed wrapping paper



$15 – $20: Road ID
Don’t leave home without it.  Road ID shows all your emergency contact and medical information.

$18: The Tour is Won on the Alpe
Classic photography & classic racing.  A great gift for any cyclist who has either ridden or dreams of riding Alpe d’Huez.


$1 – $24: Action Wipes
As Martha says; “your face is not a baby’s butt.. why wipe it like one”.  Action Wipes are perfect for a shower on the go. We always keep these in the car for after a ride.


Gifts under $150

$80: The Vel-eua
We haven’t tested this but if you know a cyclist who has trouble reaching down and taking a water bottle from a cage this could be the answer for them.
Available from cycling hub:

$88: Chain Bowl
A cool design for a bowl.  Don’t try eating your oatmeal from this though.  Do you think you’re supposed to lube it after washing?


$34: Bottle Bike Lock
No more locks around your waist or weighing your bag down



$27: Bike Trail Chalk Kit
One for the Kids… or maybe the CCSD router!



Gifts over $150

$275: Campagnolo Corkscrew
Beautifully designed (of course – it’s Campagnolo!).



Holland Cycles Hand Built Wheels – by Charles Wells
Price: $400 – $3,000 (depending on spec)
There’s nothing better than a set of wheels custom made for you. Charles Wells builds reliable, fast and great looking wheels.


A CCSD Training Camp
Training camp gift vouchers from: $499 – $599

Our 5 day training camps are a perfect way to kick off the new year, especially for those cyclists stuck in colder climates.


CCSD Coaching Package
Coaching vouchers from: $150 – $1,000
CCSD offers a variety of coaching options from single session or one day, to monthly coaching.  Road, MTB and women’s coaching.


Lezyne products: $5 – $99

If you’re stuck for gift ideas, choosing Lezyne is always a god bet.  Great craftsmanship and sleek designs.  Cody Stevenson switched us on to Lezyne and we’ve been fans ever since!

$15 – $70: Lezyne LED Lights
Nice looking, compact and a powerful light.!micro-drive-front


$4.99: Lezyne compact tire levers
Why be unstylish when you have a flat tire?


$25 – $99: Lezyne Hand Pumps
By far some of the best hand pumps on the market.  The range can be a little confusing though.  Our suggestions:

Small and light and comes in a range of colors:

Bigger but more pump action:



Carbon version

Hand pump but with a bit of floor action:



For the ladies

$150: Gore long cycling tights (pad optional!)
Perfect on a cool day to ride in, or remove the pad and wear them over bib shorts for those extra cold days.
Gore Ladies Tights

$40: Anna Nichoola Arm Warmers
Available in the USA only from HerTrishop.  Email


$300 – $500: CCSD Women Specific Training Camp
A camp designed by women, for women.  Targeting beginner to intermediate cyclists this is chance for ladies to ride together, learn new skills and have fun in a friendly group.


$295: Rapha Women’s Rain Jacket
Expensive but worth every penny.  Rapha jackets are carefully designed to combine a stylish look with functionality.


$199: Heated Cycling Gloves
For those who suffer like Jo in the cold!
Heated Cycling Gloves



$12 – $34: Chris King Pretty and Strong Headset Cap and Spacers
Special editions from Chris King to support the Koman Foundation

$1 – $1m: Terry Gift Vouchers
Ok – if you’re dazed and confused by the range of gift options stick with the safe bet and buy a gift voucher.  Terry have a great selection of women’s gear, clothing and accessories.  She’s bound to find something she likes here.

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