Group Coaching

CCSD Training Philosophy

Group coaching for a team or a club provides an excellent environment for peer instruction, whereby those learning codify the knowledge gained by also practicing fundamental teaching. This commitment by the group to better themselves in sport forms a strong reciprocal relationship between the coach and the athletes, fostering a sense of team achievements.

The group should encourage and make a commitment to read materials assigned to them, complete logs, and undergo testing, as needed. They must also commit to practice the information leaned as a group as often as feasible

Coaching is a positive step in any cycling group’s growth. A coach is a sounding board, motivator, and community builder. The coach is always open to group suggestions and expects the group to be open to his or her suggestions.

Thinking long term is key. The coach thinks long term (i.e., months and years), and the group is expected to think long term, as well. Goals must be defined and revisited via further group coaching or a continuing question and answer with individuals from the group and the coach via e-mail.

Winter Training Program powered by CCSD

Winter Training Program p/b CCSD is an off-season road cycling regimen with weekly Sunday rides, starting at the end of October and continuing through the end of January. The regimen also includes daily workouts through TrainingPeaks™, plus on-the-road coaching at the Sunday training rides. Sunday training rides are in the greater San Diego area (coastal or inland), and are 4 to 6 hours with specific training targets, structure, and education.

This program, which contains testing and measurable goals, will improve your event performance in the upcoming year. Click here to see complete program details and registration.

Adams Avenue Bikes Stationary Trainer Program

This is not spin class. This is progressive systems cycling training. You will become fitter. You will learn better technique. You will concentrate your training. Bring your own bike and stationary trainer (or purchase on-site).

More information and registration.

Custom One-on-One Group Coaching

Custom group coaching costs $125 per 3 hour session. A formal plan to address the group’s specific cycling knowledge requests will be devised prior to the group coaching session. Additionally, the group coaching session includes:

  • unlimited e-mail contact
  • preclinic/postclinic conversations
  • evaluation of past group training techniques
  • review of group bike handling skills
  • review of group equipment knowledge
  • review of group goals
  • review of group nutrition knowledge


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