One-on-One Coaching

CCSD Training Philosophy

By choosing a coach, one makes a large time and mental commitment to better oneself in sport. The main goal is progressive gains based on sound coaching methods, a reciprocal relationship between coach and athlete, and plenty of hard work. There are no shortcuts, but training does not have to be inconvenient.

Athletes must make a commitment to read materials assigned to them, complete their logs, and undergo testing, as needed. They must also commit to riding with the coach as often as feasible

Coaching is a positive step in any athlete’s approach. A coach is a sounding board, motivator, and time manager. The coach is always open to athlete suggestions and expects them to be open to his or her suggestions.

Thinking long term is key. The coach thinks long term (i.e., months and years), and the athlete is expected to think long term, as well. Goals must be defined and revisited on a 6-month basis and adjusted, as needed.

One-on-One Monthly Coaching

  • Intensive coaching costs $300 per month and includes:
    • weekly training programs (via spreadsheet or TrainingPeaks®)
    • weekly review of training logs
    • weekly review of power or heart-rate downloads
    • weekly review of nutrition
    • unlimited e-mail contact
    • weekly phone contact
    • prerace/postrace conversations

In addition to the above, all coachees receive:

  • TrainingPeaks® account for management of weekly, monthly, and yearly training plans and goals
  • evaluation of past logs
  • evaluation of past training techniques
  • review of race/event experience
  • review of equipment knowledge
  • review of goals
  • review of time management skills
  • review of nutrition knowledge
  • full catalog of CCSD’s written materials
  • 50% discount on CCSD training camps*
  • 5% discount on CCSD tours*

Please note, if local, it is recommended that athletes ride with CCSD coaches at least once every 2 weeks. *Coachee must be a current paying client at the time of the training camp or tour.

One-on-One Coaching Sessions

  • Intensive coaching sessions can include any or all of the following areas:
    • evaluation of past logs / training techniques
    • review of race/event experience
    • review of equipment knowledge
    • review of goals
    • review of nutrition knowledge
    • review of bike handling skills
    • guidance and advice on future training
    • ride with a CCSD coach
    • one on one coached session on particular bike skills e.g. climbing, descending, race skills, general bike handling
    • training plan issued (6 and 10 session packages only)
    • full catalog of CCSD’s written materials (6 and 10 session packages only)
  • Length of coaching sessions are usually 2 to 3 hours depending on agreed upon program. Coaching sessions take place in the San Diego area.
    • Single session = $150
    • 6 session package = $750
    • 10 session package = $1,200

Sign up below for coaching sessions.  Once payment is made please email to arrange a time and location.

One on One Coaching Sessions

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