Physiological Testing

Undergo testing at a lab for any of the following:

  • Max Heart Rate (+VO2 Max)
  • Power Threshold (+VO2 Max)
  • Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

Your results will be reviewed by a cycling coach university-trained in physiological testing. You’ll receive training zones for future training. If you do not live locally, enhance your San Diego area training camp experience by flying in a day or two earlier and conducting a heart rate or power testing session, and/or a resting metabolic rate analysis. This is nice add-on prior to attending any San Diego area Base, Road Training, or Endurance camps.

$150 each or $275 for two tests.
Contact to arrange testing.

VO2 Max/Power Threshold/Max Heart Rate
Confused by what ‘zone’ you should be working in?
Unsure of your current fitness level or how to test fitness gain?

With VO2 Max/Power Profile/Heart Rate Max testing, you will receive analysis of correct training zones, workout suggestions based on your test results, and a re-test plan for your season.

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)
Unsure of how many calories you burn at rest? Having your resting metabolism tested provides information on your daily caloric needs with and without exercise. Learn the following: daily basal metabolic rate, daily caloric needs, and fuel mixture.

Mira Mesa, CA (5 miles north of San Diego, CA)

Specific Information
Contact us to to receive information on next step, and arrange a time and date for testing. Usually test can be performed within 30 days of registration. Generally, if testing prior to a San Diego camp, arrive a couple of days early to perform the testing on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. This will allow for testing to be completed and analysis enacted before the start of camp on Monday morning. Please arrange flights accordingly. Renting a car is a wise choice for flexibility during the week.

Questions? Contact

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