Monthly Prize Draw

Every month we select at least one lucky person to win cool gifts and prizes.  To take part you just have to like our Facebook page.   Do that here…..

This month’s giveaway

Chia Surge Gels from Vitalyte.

Win yourself a pack of 10 gels.  The gels have a light and fruity flavor and the inclusion of chia seeds make for an interesting natural energy gel.





Previous months prize draws

October 2012:

Multipack of Action Wipes – worth $24.

Action Wipes are a premoistened, all natural body wipe created specifically for when you don’t have the time or facilites to bathe or shower. They’re made with a natural, clean, fresh, aromatic scent that smells great and drys and dissipates quickly so you don’t spend the day smelling like a “tree-hugging hippie”.  Unless you are a tree-hugging hippie, in which case you’ll love the therapeutic essential oils of tea tree and eucalyptus; combined with other all natural, plant derived ingredients, Action Wipes clean sweaty pores, remove body odor safely, gently effectively. and yes, they’re safe for ‘down there’ (you know, your private parts).

We love them at CCSD!

This months winner: Victoria Jane Mitchell. Send us your postal address and we’ll ship them asap.

August 2012:

LillyLube. A premium bike chain lubricant developed by Jason Lilly right here in San Diego.

Jason is a passionate cyclist and a bit of an engineering genius.  He wasn’t happy with the available chain lubes on the market so he set out to create a chain lube that was the perfect combination between wet and dry lubes. After many different formulations LillyLube was born and is now on sale in a growing number of bike shops across the USA.

Winners this month: Matt Muehlbauer & Molly Johnson & Rod Harding.  Email us your postal address and we’ll ship it out pronto!


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