Future Endurance Event Planning

Many times a non-profit or for-profit organization would like to develop a home-grown endurance sport event to build upon their mission. They may not have the in-house resources to develop an event, but do have the client numbers, whether from their own staff or from their community contacts, to fill an event.
CCSD has launched a separate arm of the company to address this growing need: future endurance event planning. CCSD has the tools and resources to research and develop your organization’s home-grown event, whether for team building, brand recognition, charitable extension, or a desire to bring something to your local community.

CCSD Future Event Planning Vision

In depth research for:

  • Route planning
  • Permits
  • Lodging
  • Staffing & support
  • Full reconnaissance for support stops
  • Outlining costs & appropriate fund raising requirements
  • Identifying possible issues with each option
  • Bringing ‘fun’ elements to the event e.g. cultural or historical places of interest
  • Promoting trip ‘add ons’ e.g. post-event vacation opportunities for participants
  • Propose maximum rider capacity for each event

CCSD Tools for Event Management

  • Local services identification
    • Identification of Support and Gear (SAG) locations
    • Locate venues for interesting bonus experiences (i.e., food venues, music venues, bike shop partner venues, sponsorship venues)
    • Provide and/or contract local catering
  • Liaising with sponsors to give them a presence prior to and beyond the event
    • Identify and communicate with more local businesses to spread your organization’s mission, providing another outlet for recruitment
    • Provide a smaller, more manageable venue for local businesses to promote their products through sponsorship
    • Codify and highlight your organization’s message for the curious passerby by developing and displaying promotional materials
  • Procure supplies as needed
    • Provide roving mechanical support
    • Manage event supply inventory
    • Hire/schedule staff and volunteers
    • Secure further sponsorship products
  • Production of electronic, written, and GPS routing and mapping
  • Bring “fun” and themes to ignite the spirit of the event
  • Debriefing and post event analysis


  • Our existing knowledge of single-day endurance events
  • An experienced, proven team who are used to dealing with endurance events and complex logistics
  • Our client focus and dedication to client service
  • A team recruited for their personable nature. Our team is the key to the success of CCSD
  • Ability to provide experienced help, advice, coaching, and mechanical support on the road
  • Our partnerships within the cycling and endurance sports industry
  • Our ability to link with potential sponsors
  • Our desire to grow with with your organization and continue to support you in other ways. We operate across the USA and Europe and can support future events

Do you have an endurance event that requires logistics management?

Contact Robert at robert@ccsd.com or Josephine at jo@ccsd.com to discuss details.

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