4th Annual Dirty Devil Ultra Century

The Dirty Devil is back on Saturday, March 28, 2015.little-devil-10426474-CROP
Feature for 2015: KOM Challenge on uphill dirt sections!


10% of proceeds go to Challenged Athletes Foundation. You can also donate more when you register!

The 4th annual Dirty Devil is California’s premier (and most challenging) road bike ultra century, which includes up to 28 miles of packed dirt roads! Route options available: 84 miles, or tackle the whole 127 mile course.

All packed dirt roads are challenging, but road bike friendly!


Registration Information
Early Bird Registration until January 31, 2015:
84 Mile Option US$49.00 + reg fee*
125 Mile Ultra Century US$59.00 + reg fee*
*After January 31, 2015, registration fees increase buy $10 for each category. Event day registration is available on-site (cash, check, or credit) for $10 surcharge.

Volunteer at a SAG station for the 4th annual Dirty Devil. All volunteers receive a 10% discount off any US-based CCSD camp in 2015 (excluding the Near Death Experience at Kirkwood Mountain Resort), or a 5% discount off any European-based CCSD Tour in 2015, or 100% of any one-day event in 2016 (St Paddy’s Palomar Punishment or Dirty Devil). Please contact robert@ccsd.com, if interested in volunteering.


  • The absolute most challenging 84 mile or 127 mile cycling routes you’ve ever encountered
  • Some of the most stunning scenery on hidden treasures of roads in San Diego County
  • SAG stations for all routes with energy drink, water, gels, and food; The full route features 6 SAG stations + 2 additional water/ice drops
  • CCSD roving on-the-bike support cycling the roads with you
  • Light mechanical support enroute
  • Unique finisher award
  • NEW! KOM Challenge: 3 KOMs on the longest uphill dirt sections of Viejas, Boulder, and Black Canyon. Requires a GPS device and Strava account to tally results.

Choose Your Route

  • Pick from 2 Dirt, or 3 Dirt route options:
    • 2 Dirt: 84 mi, 7,500 ft ascent (17 miles of dirt road)
    • 3 Dirt: 127 mi, 11,000 ft ascent (28 miles of dirt road)

Route Information
All routes start and finish in Alpine, CA.

2 Dirt Option
84 miles
7,500 Feet Ascent
17 miles of dirt (Viejas = 4; Boulder = 13)
Main towns: Alpine, Julian, Descanso
Elevation Chart for 2 Dirt Course

3 Dirt Option
127 miles
11,000 feet ascent
28 miles of dirt (Viejas = 4; Boulder = 13; Black Canyon = 11)
Main Towns: Alpine, Santa Ysabel, Ramona, Julian, Descanso
Elevation Chart for 3 Dirt Course


Packed Dirt Road Information
All packed dirt road information is based on a combination of map analysis and data retrieved from riding the course. The information below and elevation charts for each dirt road only contain information for the dirt sections of the named roads. There may be more climbing and/or descending on pavement for each of the named roads.

Viejas Grade is ~4 miles of packed dirt that starts at mile 12.9 and finishes at mile 17. Starting elevation is 2498 feet and finishing elevation is 3662 feet. Total elevation gain is 1164 feet. Average grade is 5.7%. Steepest grade is 7%.
Section note: Short shallow descent on dirt after summit.
Elevation Chart for Dirt Section of Viejas Grade

Boulder Creek is ~13 miles of dirt that starts at mile 23.5 and finishes at mile 36.3. Starting elevation is 3576 feet and finishing elevation is 3673 feet. Total elevation ascent is 1456 feet. Average grade is 4.7%. Steepest grade is 11%.
Section notes: Descent is 1359 feet elevation loss on dirt. Some sections of loose dirt toward road edges, some washboard in the tire lanes, and some gravel towards the bottom of the descent.
Elevation Chart for Dirt Section of Boulder Creek

Black Canyon is ~11 miles of dirt that starts at mile 66.1 and finishes at mile 77.4. Starting elevation is 1731 feet and finishing elevation is 3297 feet. Total elevation ascent is 1926 feet. Average grade is 4.0%. Steepest grade is 7%.
Section notes: Descent is 360 feet elevation loss on dirt. Some sections of loose dirt toward road edges.
Elevation Chart for Dirt Section of Black Canyon

Event Information
All information in this section is tentative. Further information will be made available to registered participants.

Registration sign-in on Saturday morning starting at 6:00am in Alpine, CA.

Sunrise: 6:42am (civil twilight 6:17am)
Sunset: 7:06pm (civil twilight 7:30pm)
Phase of the Moon:  waxing with 67% of the Moon’s visible disk illuminated.

Official Start Time for all routes (84-mile and 127-mile) is 7:00am
Official Finish Time for all routes is 7:00pm

SAG Time Cutoffs: Noted in event guide, you will receive after registration

Dirt Road Riding Information
Registered participants will receive tips on dirt road riding, plus tips on reconnoitering the dirt roads selected for the event. In addition, registered participants will receive access to e-handouts providing tips on how to properly ride endurance events.

Tip topics covered include:

  • Climbing, descending, and bike handling techniques for riding a road bike on dirt roads
  • Proper gear selection (i.e., tires, wheels, cassettes, etc.) for riding a road bike on dirt roads
  • Bike mechanical prep and bike maintenance before, during, and after riding on dirt roads
  • Pacing techniques for better times on long distance rides
  • Nutrition techniques for better performance on long distance rides

If you have any questions, please contact Robert at robert@ccsd.com.

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