Women’s Road Cycling Training Camps

2 or 4 days of coached riding for women cyclists of all levels looking to improve fitness, confidence and riding techniques

$150 per day


Jan 16 to 19, 2016 (Saturday to Tuesday): Solana Beach, CA (Level 1-2) (Register)
Feb 13 to 16, 2016 (Saturday to Tuesday): Temecula, CA (Level 2-3) (Register)
April 2 to 5, 2016 (Saturday to Tuesday): Solana Beach, CA (Level 1-2) (Register)

What the camp includes:

  • Skills clinics: climbing, descending, cornering, improving your riding confidence, techniques to ride safer and faster, nutrition for training and events
  • 35 – 50 miles riding per day (level 1-2)
  • 40 – 75 miles riding per day (level 2-3)
  • Short and long route options on all rides
  • Full on the road professional level support with follow car, cow bell and our friendly SAG team!
  • All sports nutrition, gels, bars, on the road snacks and food provided
  • One on one coaching with experienced coaches
  • Ride leaders on the road with you.  No one is left behind.
  • Product samples and saddle trials
  • Sports massage for all riders*
  • Discount at HERevolution during the camp (Solana Beach)
  • Basic mechanical knowledge class
  • A friendly, accommodating and safe environment to improve your bike skills, confidence and fitness
  • 2 or 4 day options.  Includes all coaching, support, on the road food and energy products, skills clinic, maintenance clinic, sports massage.  Hotel costs & evening dinners not included.

* included in full camp Contact jo@ccsd.com (917-355-1317) for more details or register HERE (2015 camps)

Who is this camp for? CCSD women’s camps attract a variety of women cyclists, all with a common goal of improving their fitness, bike skills and knowledge about road cycling.  Riders are generally aged anywhere between 30 and 70 and usually have some experience riding on the road and in groups, but not always.

Level 1-2.  Beginner to Intermediate Riders should be able to complete a ride of 30 miles, which may be a challenging ride for them but with the CCSD support on the road riders usually manage to achieve far more than they usually do when riding alone. Riders should be able to ride in traffic (although often they are seeking to improve their confidence in doing so).  Riders should also have ridden at least once with a group, although this is also often an area they wish to improve on.  The level 1-2 camps focus on improving skills, confidence and fitness for riders in a supportive environment where women can safely learn to handle their bike better and understand how to continue to build on this after the camp.

Level 2-3.  Intermediate to Experienced Riders should be able to complete a ride of 40 miles easily.  Rides of 60 – 75 miles might be a challenge but achievable with the support of CCSD and a follow car. Riders should be able to ride in a group of cyclists on a road with traffic.   The level 2-3 training camps are designed to take intermediate riders to the next stage or stretch more advanced riders.  The philosophy is the same as with all the women’s camps: a supportive environment, improving skills and fitness etc but the riding distance and skills are a designed to push riders looking for more of a challenge and give women a chance to test themselves among a group of women rather than battling it out with the guys on a group ride! Below are a few examples of women who have joined our last few camps to give you an idea if the camp is suitable for you:

Isabelle: Isabelles rides several times a week with friends doing ~30 miles rides but was seeking a training camp where she could improve her bike skills, in particular climbing and descending.  Over the course of a four day level 1-2 camp she got stronger and more confidente every day and on the last day completed her longest ride so far at 65 miles.  Isabelle is now ready to take on a level 2-3 camp.

Gillian:  Gillian rides frequently on trails and bike paths and has good fitness but had never ridden on the road before. She rides a hybrid bike with flat pedals and joined a level 1-2 camp for two days in order to learn how to ride in groups on the road in a safe environment.  During the training camp she opted for the shorter routes when available but was able to keep up with riders on much lighter road bikes, a testament to her fitness!

Courtney:  Courtney had been riding a road bike for 1 1/2 years, rides regularly in groups in New York and has completed a few 100 mile rides.  She wanted to escape the cold weather and ride in the sun with a nice group of women.   She opted for the longer mileage options and was able to learn new skills and techniques to help her improve her cycling speed and bike handling. Courtney joined a level 1-2 camp and was one of the strongest riders.  She would easily have been at home in a level 2-3 camp.

If you’re unsure if the camp is suitable for you please email me or call me to discuss your current riding.  Many women are concerned they will be the slowest and not be able to keep up, however we have ride leaders and a support car to make sure you’re never alone and the tone of the camp is to ride steady paced miles in a supportive environment.

What’s a typical camp day? Each camp day is a little different but below is a rough guide for what a day might look like:

  • Meet at 8.30am for briefing
  • Skills clinic or educational component (e.g. nutrition, pacing, climbing, descending etc)
  • Ride with various mileage options (short and long options are usually offered).  During the ride there is plenty of one on one coaching and we often regroup to do particular skills demonstrations and practice.  A support car is always out on the road to assist you if necessary along with ride leaders and coaches.
  • After the ride we usually grab some lunch somewhere and eat it during an afternoon seminar (on e.g. bike mechanics, biking technique, training plans).
  • On one afternoon we usually have a massage therapist present to pamper you after the ride.  Another afternoon we do cooking demo / yoga.
  • Every afternoon there is time to address specific personal goals / issues with coaches (or you may just want to relax and take a nap)
  • In the evening we meet for dinner at a local restaurant

Where do we stay? Riders who travel to the camp usually stay in our base hotel in either Solana Beach, CA, Temecula, CA or Warrenton, VA where we arrange a group rate.  More details on this will be sent to registered riders.  Local riders join us on a daily basis and are not required to stay at the base hotel.

More questions? Please see our FAQs here and if that doesn’t answer your questions please get in touch. There are no silly questions! Contact jo@ccsd.com (917-355-1317) for more details

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