Endurance Training Camps

These camps build upon or define a solid endurance base to take your endurance cycling to the next level. Finish centuries and double centuries more quickly and refreshed. Maybe the Death Ride is your cup of tea and you want to give it a try or improve your performance. Try for even longer distances or build towards ultra endurance racing (e.g., Furnace Creek 508, Race Across the West, or RAAM).

Over the course of 4-5 days, you will go farther and faster than you’ve ever gone before, with a minimum of 25 hours in the saddle and more than 25,000 feet of climbing!

Camps At-A-Glance

  • In-depth, quality training every day. Here’s a sample schedule to give you an idea of what to expect as a Endurance Training Camp rider!
    • Day 0: Arrival and pre camp briefing in the evening. For anyone arriving early there is an optional ‘free’ ride with the CCSD coaches in the afternoon
    • Day 1: Skills clinic, followed by a 4- to 5-hour ride with climbing and descending instruction; evening mechanical clinic
    • Day 2: 5-hour endurance ride; evening nutrition clinic
    • Day 3: 7-hour endurance ride to over 8,000-feet elevation
    • Day 4: 5-hour endurance ride; evening pacing, power, and heart rate clinic
    • (Day 5: 3-hour endurance ride, with optional tempo intervals)
    • Other clinics/coaching topics include: riding at/ adjusting to altitude;coping with heat and weather; pacing; event preparation; night riding; and tips for a support crew
  • SAG support
    • Support follow car fully stocked with food, drinks, sports nutrition etc
    • Mechanical assistance for minor issues
    • Major mechanicals will be addressed by a trusted local resource when the day’s ride is completed
  • Daily on-the-road coaching from certified CCSD Coaches & Ride Leaders
    • Open and ongoing Q&A welcome and encouraged!

Last but not least: FOOD!

  • Complementary sponsor-supplied energy bars, gels, and drinks will be available to you every day

More information, pricing and details about High-Altitude Endurance Training Camps

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