Custom Tours Designed for You

Do you have a cycling destination you’ve always longed to go to?  Can you get a group of friends to join you?  Did you know CCSD will design and run your ‘dream tour’ for you, saving you all the hassle of organizing, booking, dealing with a foreign language and corralling friends to give you money etc?

We do all the planning for you, map our routes, provide guidance and coaching in advance of the trip, book hotels, restaurants etc.  We manage the deposits and payments from your friends and deposits for hotels etc.  On the tour we provide pro level support with a fully stocked SAG vehicle, guides, mechanics etc. We can also plan some fun activities around the cycling too, and if needed we can organize a separate itinerary for non cycling partners, to allow you to bring loved ones with you that aren’t quite as obsessive about riding as you are.

Before the trip CCSD:
•  Plans the entire trip for you from start to finish •  Provides pre trip guidance and information packs
 •  Sets up a dedicate web page for your trip • Provides pre trip language guides •  Suggests best travel arrangements •  Puts on a ½ day coaching clinic in advance of the trip for you group * •  Plans and maps out all routes •  Provides advice on traveling with bikes •  Arranges bike rental if required   •  Books all hotels and manages deposits  •  Plans non cycling itineraries (if required)

During the trip CCSD**:
•  Provides airport pick up and transfer to hotel •  Provides assistance with bike set up •  Provides daily coached and guided rides rides with CCSD guides •  Provides a support car and driver stocked with food, drinks, sports nutrition, mechanical supplies, spare kit etc •  Arranges meals, snacks, dinners •  Arranges other services as necessary e.g. laundry, massage •  Provides a suggested itinerary of non cycling activities in the area •  Provides transport to meals, other activities etc. •  Links you with local guides, cycling clubs etc.  •  CCSD guides are present on the tour with you from start to finish

All you have to do is:
•  Get a group of friends interested •  Book your flight •  Turn up •  Ride •  Eat •  Sleep •  Enjoy

* Coaching clinics usually based in San Diego or combined with other CCSD training camps
** Actual services provided vary depending on your planned budget for the tour 

Looking for ideas? 

French Alps?  Tuscany, Italy? Dolomites, Italy?  Tour of Ireland? Tour of England?  Girona, Spain?  Pyrenees? Majorca? Lanzarote? Belgium? Holland?  Or…. the place you’ve been dreaming of?