Camps at a Glance

Level 2 - 3 Camps

Intermediate to Experienced

Level 1 - 2 Camps

Beginner to intermediate

  • 40 – 50 miles riding per day
  • Terrain: rolling hills to more challenging climbs
  • Camp takes intermediate riders to the next stage or stretches more experienced riders while still focusing on improving skills and fitness etc.  
  • Clinics assume riders already have basic skills and bike handling knowledge
  • Location: Hotel, Fairfield Inn and Suites, Temecula, CA
  • Is this camp for you?
    • Riders should be able to complete a ride of 40 miles comfortably
    • Rides of 50 miles might be a challenge but achievable with the support of a follow car
    • Riders should be able to comfortably ride in a group of cyclists on a road with traffic
    • A great opportunity to test yourself among a group of women in a supportive environment rather than battling it out with the guys on a group ride! 


  • 35 – 40 miles riding per day
  • Terrain: flat or rolling hills
  • Camp focuses on improving skills, confidence and fitness for riders in a supportive environment where women can safely learn to handle their bike better and understand how to continue to build on this after the camp
  • Location: Carlsbad, CA
  • Is this camp for you?
    • Participants have usually been riding for at least 3 months
    • Riders should be able to complete a ride of 20 miles comfortably
    • Riders should be able to ride in traffic, although may be seeking to improve confidence this area
    • Riders should have ridden at least once with a group, although may be seeking to improve confidence this area also
    • This camp is often used by more experienced riders who are returning to cycling after a period off the bike
The things I learned, the women I had the pleasure of riding with and the support of your team - all made this camp one of the best experiences I’ve ever had

A typical camp day

Each camp day is a little different but below is a rough guide for what a day might look like.  A full camp schedule will be sent to registered riders. 

  • Meet at 8.30am for briefing
  • 30 minute skills clinic or educational component
  • 3 - 5 hours fully supported ride with on the road coaching, plenty of regroups and our support car is always out on the road to assist you if necessary
  • Grab some lunch somewhere after the ride and eat it during the afternoon seminar
  • Afternoon seminar or massage (e.g. bike mechanics, biking technique, training plans)
  • Every afternoon there is time to address specific personal goals / issues with coaches (or you may just want to relax and take a nap)
  • In the evening we meet for dinner at a local restaurant.  This is not obligatory but a nice option for those traveling to the camp
  • Accommodation and camp location:
    • Solana Beach: your choice, plenty of hotels, VRBO's near to the bike shop,  or travel from home each day
    • Temecula: we choose a base hotel which you may stay at if you wish or stay elsewhere / at home and travel each day

What's included

  • Skills clinics e.g. 
    • Climbing, descending, cornering
    • Improving your riding confidence
    • Bike handling skills
    • Techniques to ride safer and faster
    • Nutrition for training and events
    • Basic mechanical knowledge clinic
    • Pacing and drafting
  • Short and long route options on rides
  • Full on the road professional level support with follow car
  • All sports nutrition, gels, bars, on the road snacks
  • One on one coaching with experienced coaches
  • Ride leaders on the road with you.  No one is left behind 
  • Product samples and saddle trials
  • Sports massage for all 4 day participants*

Hotel costs, meals and travel not included